Project Description

It is wonderful to have the help and support of Katikati community members, Katikati Open Air Arts (KKOAA), Uretara Estuary Managers (UEM) and Western Bay District Council (WBOPDC) in the Pioneers Wetland project. This project is situated on the corner of Talisman Drive and Beach Road. The project has transformed an unkept storm-water pond into a ‘wee gem’ for walkers and riders to stop off at, on their way through town. The concept was to create a natural oasis, for nature and people. This was first made possible with the building of the boardwalk and seating area, then after many hours spent removing invasive climbing and tree weeds, the first planting of native trees, shrubs, palms, and ferns took place in the Winter of 2019. Regular working bees are held to keep the weeds under control and to mulch around the young plants. Another planting is planned for Winter 2020 to ‘fill in the gaps’. Many native birds can be seen there including Kingfisher, Fantail and White-faced Heron. The pond itself is home to short fin eel. We cannot wait for the trees and shrubs to fill the space and add another beauty spot to our town.

This project was possible by contributions from:

  • Katikati volunteers
  • WBOPDC – Community Matching Fund
  • TECT
  • The Lion Foundation
  • Katikati Open Air Art
  • WBOPDC – Katikati Community Board – CE Miller Estate Bequest Fund
  • Lions Club of Katikati
  • Katch Katikati

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Kai Noke KatiKati

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