“Soon after beginning my study in Social Welfare, I realised that good support and guidance, relevant Education and skills were key to moving effectively through life’s difficulties. For the past 30 + years, my work life has been centred in Education, teaching in the Primary Sector and serving on the Board of Trustees in Primary and Secondary Schools. My underlying educational focus started on day one with my five-year-olds. It was to build relicense in students and their families, enabling them to identify problems and develop strategies to overcome them. My experience has shown that by creating resilience within the family unit, young people are more likely to withstand and overcome challenges, learn from them, forge their future direction and succeed with their aspirations.


I am a 4th generation descendant of the ‘Boyd’ and ‘Henry’ families who sailed to New Zealand from Northern Ireland on the ‘Lady Jocelyn’ in 1878 and the ‘Victory’ in 1884. I grew up in Katikati, where living and work was centred around the Dairy Industry. I left Katikati after finishing college and returned in 2014 to assist my aging parents. Since my return, I have been involved with community-led development geared to improving the well-being of our people and the protection of our environment. On my return to Western Bay, I enjoyed four years teaching in the Senior school at Waihi Beach Primary School. I left to run and was elected as one of 11 councillors for the Western Bay of Plenty District Council. The Mayor then appointed me to represent the Council on the Waihi Beach Community Board. In Katikati, my community work is currently serving as a committee member for Katikati Open-Air Art, Katikati War Memorial Hall, and I am a member of Saint Paul’s Presbyterian Church.


I am very pleased and feel it is a good fit for me to be appointed as a Trustees for EnviroKatikati- Charitable Trust- Katikati Taiao.”


We’ll have more from our other new Board members soon!