The Seedlings Club first event kicked off on Wednesday 21 October.

This ‘for kids by kids’ club is made possible with the collaborative effort of volunteers from SuperGransWBOP, Rikayla Bridge Zwezerynen and Jizzy Green from Grow On Katikati.

Thirteen-year-old Rikayla runs the club, with support from Grow On Katikati and SuperGrans. Rikayla designs and delivers the lesson plans, liaising with Jizzy from Grow On Katikati if she needs anything. Grow On Katikati have an MOU with SuperGrans who provide the venue and adult supervision for the club. Seedlings are provided by Grow On for the participants to nurture at the club and to take home – so that students get to apply learnings at home.

The Seedlings Club encourages problem solving and curiosity through learning by doing. The aim of the club is to instil a passion for growing, give children a life skill and an opportunity to be responsible for something while taking care of the planet. Developing healthy eating habits is another benefit, with research showing that children that grow their own food are more likely to eat veges they grow compared to store-bought veges. Jizzy states “It’s a great way to get children into nature and away from technology”.

The last event will be held on 16th December 2020 and the first event for 2021 on the 17th February. Classes follow the school term and are capped at eight students. Two more spaces are currently available. If your child would like to join Grow On: Seedlings Club, or if you would like more information on Grow On Katikati, Jizzy can be contacted on or head over to our Facebook Page, Grow On Katikati

Grow On Katikati is open to any individuals, families, groups, social enterprises, organisations and market gardeners in and around Katikati to join in on growing fresh produce in your own backyard. We believe weeding together is better than weeding alone. We provide workshops to show you how to plant and grow seedlings.

Grow On Katikati Fundraiser

MyNoke worm poos (vermicast) big bags for sale. Highly recommended for feeding veg gardens and outdoor pots. Available for sale from tomorrow (Tuesday 4-5pm) at the Grow On shed beside the Katikati Community Centre. 17 L for only $12.
Vermicast feeds a nutrient dense profile back into soil, enhances the moisture capacity, stimulates plant growth, promotes microbial activity and helps suppress plant diseases naturally.