We ask Jizzy and Marie from Grow On Katikati a few questions.

Why was “Grow On Katikati” created?

Grow On Katikati was created by Anne Billing and Tessa Mackenzie in response to the first Lockdown in March 2020. They realised a sense of food being “scarce” with supermarkets’ queues, specific shortages on the shelves, and no seedlings available at hardware or plant nurseries due to them selling out. We are working to connect people back to the land (be it a small patch of ground in their backyard or a couple of pots on their balcony) encouraging food security by sharing fruit & veggie seeds and seedlings in Katikati. 

What’s your role in it?

Marie and I are coordinators for change. We want to change people’s perceptions of “it’s too hard to grow food”. We want to teach people how to make good compost and what you can make with your fruits and vegetables. We hope to inspire and empower people to grow food in their backyards by providing knowledge through workshops and other means. Marie and I (Jizzy) are connectors of people, expertise and resources.

What’s one thing you need help with now?

We need volunteers to help on Saturday mornings at the Grow On Katikati(GOK) shed next to the Community Centre on Beach Road. The number of people using it is growing weekly; there is a hunger for resources and knowledge for growing food in your backyard in our community.

What do you like doing outside of work/Grow On for fun?

Jizzy: Outside of Grow On I am either growing my food, preparing it and preserving it.  

Marie: I love sitting and walking in nature to discharge and recharge my energy and hear guidance from Gaia and Grace. My fun is teaching ‘reconnection to intuition’ in women’s circles and spending time with my kids.

Where can people get in touch with you?

 Marie can be texted on 021 163 1699 and Jizzy can be called on 07 549 2337 or email growonkatikati@gmail.com

Alternatively, keep an eye on our Facebook page – Grow On Katikati